Computer Instruction

Excel 1
Learn how to adjust cells Build a worksheet, write formulas and use functions, use auto sum, fill series, and learn terminology

Excel 2

Prerequisite: Excel 1
Learn how to work with Multiple Sources, Absolute vs. Relative Cell, Freezing Panes, the If Function, and Headers and Footers

Pivot Point

(by Appointment only)
Prerequisite: Excel 2
In this class, you will learn how to create Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Filters, Slicers, and formatting.

PowerPoint 1
Learn basic Navigation, Creating Slides, Themes, Transitions, presenting the show, and various ways to print a presentation.

Word 1
Learn basic word processing skills using Microsoft Word. Formatting, fonts, spellcheck, and many more useful features will be explored

Word 2
Prerequisite: Word 1
Spell Checking and Grammar, Thesaurus, Indents and Tabs, Bullets and Lists, and Page Layouts

Fillable Forms
(by Appointment only)
Prerequisite: Word 2
Learn to create a form that can be distributed electronically. Forms are locked for editing but allow a user to enter in data and print out the forms

Google Drive
Learn how to use Google Drive to store files online and to integrate with Google Docs

Prerequisite: You must have an account with Facebook before attending the class.
On your personal account, you will explore privacy settings, learn about your profile,
find your friends, and more

Prerequisite: You must have an email account before attending the class.
You will learn the basics of your inbox, how to compose a message, create folders/labels, change settings, send attachments, and more

One-on-One Help
If you have any computer questions about software, laptop or anything else bring them in for one-on-one help.

Other Times by appointment

Smart Phones
(by Appointment only)
This lab will help with the basic functions of the smartphone including
adding contacts, dialing numbers, and other questions you may have.
This Class is by appointment only.

Registration is required.
Classes are taught in the classroom beside the Information Service desk on the second floor.
To register for a class: Call 335-7536, or email
Please call ASAP if you are not able to attend.