Vision Statement

The Pasquotank County Library strives to be a vital center of knowledge for all, to be a leader in traditional and innovative library services for our diverse community and to encourage life-long learning.

History of the Pasquotank County Library (Formerly Pasquotank-Camden Library)


1926 - The Library roots started when Ms. Lillie Granby, President of the Elizabeth City Woman’s Club, organized a library in their Club House.

1930's - Camden County's Woman's Club organized a library.

1936 - WPA (Work Progress Administration) Bookmobile service began in Pasquotank County (only summer months).

        - First professional librarian was employed by the library

July 6, 1938 - The library officially passed hands from the Woman’s Club into the control of Pasquotank County and the City of Elizabeth City.

July 15, 1938 - The library was relocated to the County Agricultural building (located on Colonial Ave.)

August 1939 - First Summer Reading Program.

November 1940 - WPA bookmobile provided services for Pasquotank and Camden counties.

November 1941- The library became the responsibility of Pasquotank and Camden counties. Pasquotank and Camden counties were allocated state aid funds.

1943 - The Enfield Branch (located in Elizabeth City on W. Ehringhaus St.) was opened.

February 1943 - With the liquidation of the WPA the library was given the bookmobile.

August 1945 - Library's first constitution and by-laws were approved.

September 1949 - The Old Trap Branch in Camden was opened (located on N. C. HWY 343).

1951 -The Cale Memorial Library (library for African Americans) became a branch of the Pasquotank Library.

1952 - The Old Trap Branch closed.

March 1952 - A new bookmobile was ordered.

1954 - Received new bookmobile.

1955 - Bookmobile service began for African Americans in Pasquotank County (only on Saturdays).

February 1956 - The Robinson’s offered their family home for the use of the library or other public purposes.

December 9, 1956 - The library had its grand opening in the Robinson House.

September 1957 - Bookmobile service began for African Americans in Camden County (only on Saturdays).

1963 - The Library was renamed the Pasquotank-Camden Library.

April 6, 1964 - Pasquotank and Camden counties' commissioners approved becoming part of a regional library system with Currituck and Dare counties.

April 21, 1964 - First board meeting of the East Albemarle Regional Library System.

1965 - The Cale Street Memorial Library incorporated services in the Pasquotank-Camden Library.

Nov. 9, 1975 - The library moved from its temporary location at the Virginia Dare Hotel to its new building at 205 E. Main Street.

1986 - Library automation system began.

1997 - The Board of Trustees' approved Pasquotank County handling the library's finances. 

July 1, 1997 - Pasquotank County became responsible for the financial management of the library.

May 14, 2007 - The library moved into its current location at 100 East Colonial Ave. The new library building is named the W. C. Witherspoon Memorial Library in honor of the first African American Pasquotank County Commissioner since reconstruction.

July 1, 2013 - Camden County dissolved their financial partnership with the Pasquotank-Camden Library.

October 21, 2013 - The library was renamed the Pasquotank County Library.

July 15, 2019 - The library welcomes new Library Director, Kellen Whitehurst.